The companies Grupo Alimentario de Lorca (La Comarca), La Comarca Meats, Ingelor and Labor Alimentaria merge into the new meat holding company, LCFG (La Comarca Food Group).

After the expansion of the companies La Comarca and La Comarca Meats in the meat sector and in order to perfect a total control of the traceability of the product and its quality, the creation of new linked companies has emerged, in order to specialize each one of the branches and activities involved in the entire production process.

With the creation of these two new companies, Ingelor and Labor Alimentaria, and the union of all of them under the same meat group, the companies reinforce their union and activity under the same multi-brand business group focused on business expansion in the national and international meat sector, responding to the demands of quality and control of the most demanding meat markets in the world, as well as satisfying the needs of a quality and proximity product for all its consumers.

Daniel Encinas assumes the general management of the new LCFG holding and through his position unifies the management of the companies that comprise it. “The creation of a holding company like LCFG allows us to have, to all the companies that compose it, specialized companies in each of the branches necessary to carry out our activity in the most competent way possible, within our same group; with a common objective to us all and a coordination between always aligned companies. Having different specialized companies within the same organization allows having more specialized workers in its service, and more professionals aligned with the same common objectives.”

Tradition, specialization and expansion

The constitution of this new holding will allow the companies that compose it to focus their efforts on perfecting their activity in a more efficient way. Thus, the Grupo Alimentario de Lorca (La Comarca) company, the oldest of the group, will continue its activity focused on the national meat sector and on the commitment to offer consumers a brand of quality and local meat products. On the other hand, the company La Comarca Meats will continue its activity in the new facilities inaugurated in the last year, and will maintain its expansion in the industrial meat sector and in the international meat markets.

One of the most recent companies, Ingelor (Ingeniería y Mantenimiento de Lorca, S.L.), was born with the aim of specializing and deepening the branch of industrial meat engineering of the companies and offering the best technologies and innovation to each one of them. With a team of engineers and industrial architects specialized in the sector, Ingelor has designed and built in record time one of the most automated meat plants in Europe, La Comarca Meats, positioning the LCFG meat holding company at the forefront of high technology in the meat industry.

On the other hand, the company Labor Alimentaria (Laboratorio y Servicios Técnicos Alimentarios S.L.) focuses its activity as a quality laboratory specialized in R + D + i, services, advice and diagnosis in the food industry. Through it, all the companies of the meat group subscribe to an exhaustive control of the quality of the production, as well as the protocols that guarantee it.

All the holding companies and the holding itself also announce the publication of new corporate web pages for each of them. Through,,, and, the holding company renews the image of its companies and announces its own corporate image, communicating its activity, its new group identity and the values ​​that represent it.

Investment in development

With this new step, the companies reach another milestone in their ambitious expansion plan, through which they have multiplied their production and turnover in the last year, especially after the inauguration of the La Comarca Meats facilities, whose production trend has reached equal values to those that of the major players in the sector in its first 6 months of activity and through which they are already present in the most demanding international meat markets such as Chinese or Japanese.

In the short term, the holding company plans to create new companies specialized in other branches of the food industry, which will offer service to both the holding companies and the entire meat and food sector. To do this, LCFG will continue to invest and develop continuous improvements in all industrial food production processes, in technological development and in product development projects in order to maintain excellence in the exhaustive control of its production.