La Comarca Meats

Trusted Origin

Tradition and innovation becomes quality


More than three decades of activity in the meat industry enables us to combine the finest tradition with the highest technology in meat product handling.


Through new facilities, we have opted for the capacity of high technology, innovation and automation in slaughter, cutting, processing and packaging of pork, providing the national and international market the quartering capacity of over 60,000 pigs per week.


The quality of our product is controlled through the monitoring of each stage in our production chain, ensuring the highest quality at each step.

Comprehensive control of the production chain

Our business includes all pork production chain related processes. The comprehensive control of genetics, feeding, breeding, farming, slaughtering, cutting and freezing processes enables us to guarantee improved food safety, animal welfare, sustainability and quality in our final product.

Traceability technology

The highest technology and automation integrated in our plant enables us to classify the meat product, guaranteeing food safety at all times and optimising production yields.

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Internationally certified safety

Due to stringent quality, safety and product controls, La Comarca Meats operates on an international scale by means of certified approvals in third countries such as China or Japan.


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