La Comarca Meats

The history of La Comarca Meats commences from the beginnings of the food group, La Comarca Food Group and its pig farming and pork tradition.

La Comarca Meats, history and tradition

The history of La Comarca Meats, as part of the food group La Comarca Food Group, commenced from the beginnings of the Group and stems from decades of pig farming and pork tradition.

Year after year, the Group’s ambition and work has led to the creation of new companies to cover each of the production processes; always in the pursuit of excellence and comprehensive quality control.

Experience and evolution from farm to market

The experience in each of the meat and pork industry sectors has been the factor behind the Group’s significant growth, tripling the workforce and the production capacity during the space of a few years.

New facilities with international visibility

As part of the Group’s expansion, saw the opening of the new La Comarca Meats facilities. The new cutting plant, with leading technology and  innovation in automation, was designed with a clear internationalisation vision of the Group’s activity and to convey the meat and pork tradition beyond Spanish borders.


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