Comprehensive control of the production chain

Highest quality guaranteed in fresh and frozen meats thanks to the comprehensive control of the production chain, direct from the farm to the market.

Excellence in pork

At La Comarca Meats and through the food group La Comarca Food Group the highest quality in our products is guaranteed through the control of all steps in our value chain, from genetics laboratories to the last step in the elaboration of our products.

Quality at every step of the way

We produce and market all cuts of fresh pork and frozen pork.

Our genetics laboratories, feed production and veterinary professionals work to obtain the best characteristics in our pigs and sows and to ensure maximum animal welfare, with minimum environmental impact.
Our freezing tunnels and high technology cold rooms enable us to maintain all the quality guarantees of our product, and to be certified for frozen pork in demanding markets such as Japan or China.
The key location of our facilities and the group companies in a region with lengthy livestock and pig experience, such as the Region of Murcia, enabling an utmost proximity-based services and control with our farms.
The innovation in our cutting plants makes the La Comarca Meats plant one of the most automated in all of Europe as regards cutting pork.


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