La Comarca Meats

At La Comarca Food Group we have a strong commitment to the environment, our surroundings and our workers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The values of La Comarca Food Group are shared by each of the companies which make up the group and are reflected in a common objective: to improve the environment in which we live.

At LCFG we believe that, as an important part of the industry and society, we must use our influence to create tools which improve the world we live in and the conditions of those around us.

Sustainable commitment

In all stages of our production chain the stringent measures for the responsible consumption of supplies and emissions are complied with. Furthermore, the installation of recycling systems in all our facilities enables our workforce to maintain a sustainable commitment on a daily basis.

Commitment to our workers

Our workers are the driving force of our company and are the cornerstones of the large family that is the La Comarca Food Group and our commitment to those workers must measure up to their great commitment to us.

Through continuous training tools, promoting health and sports within our facilities, and always in pursuit of improvements in their everyday lives, we seek to create a safe, healthy and pleasant environment which ensures the well-being of our workers.

Commitment to our environment

We are proud of our environment and have a firm commitment to its improvement, which is why we work throughout the year in child nutrition and animal welfare awareness campaigns; in actions and collaborations for the protection of the natural environment of the Region of Murcia; or in promoting health through sports activities such as the Lorca.GG Half Marathon


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