La Comarca Food Group is in a process of innovation in the internal procedures of its companies to ensure the protection of workers and enhance the quality of its products in the production system.

The meat sector continues to be an essential sector for the Spanish economy, being one of the main drivers of employment and a main axis for food supply. In order to ensure full traceability control of production processes, LCFG Holding has decided to implement new labour and food safety standards.

Opportunities for improvement and professional development

The HR department has set new goals to implement innovation programmes, equal opportunities and differential risk prevention methodologies.

Human capital is the most important asset of the organisation, which has more than 650 workers, so LCFG has decided to ensure all its facilities under safe and healthy working conditions. Since the recent formation of the group, one of the company’s expansion plans has been to target young people, encouraging recruitment among one of the most disadvantaged groups in the national employment system.

Health and safety preventive culture

The preventive culture installed in LCFG through risk prevention plans, internal communication systems and interdepartmental control of processes, has led to a considerable reduction in the accident rate, practically achieving the objective of zero accidents. This is only possible thanks to the commitment of the workers who adapt to the training plans and the real needs of the company, respecting safety at all times.

In addition to the extensive measures applied, such as biosafety tunnels for disinfection and plant capacity control, access control for those who do not wear their masks correctly and hand sanitisers, there are also safety protocols with cleaning and maintenance programmes, the use of new safety accessories (helmets, specialised suits and preventive material) and regular health monitoring systems through the R&D&I department.

Technology and Innovation

To ensure the correct functioning of these protocols, LCFG is planning different technology systems to control the traceability of production throughout the value chain. The entire group is investing heavily in preliminary studies, design, more effective types of machinery maintenance and the implementation of better preventive, predictive and corrective systems.

With a team of engineers and industrial technicians specialised in the food sector, La Comarca Meats is considered one of the most automated plants in Europe, which is a great advantage in its national and international expansion plans. The formation of competitive teams has become a hallmark of the company to better meet the needs of its customers.