The companies belonging to the La Comarca Food Group holding already have biosecurity tunnels in their facilities for disinfection and capacity control, as a preventive measure against COVID-19.

The facilities of La Comarca (Grupo Alimentario de Lorca) and La Comarca Meats, as well as Ingelor and Labor Alimentaria, already include biosafety tunnels designed to control the capacity of the plants and to block the entry of anyone with a feverish symptoms, those who do not wear the mask correctly or those who do not have access allowed. Likewise, through these disinfection tunnels, everyone who enters the premises must go through a hand sanitizer (with hydroalcoholic solution), a disinfection mat for footwear and a nebulization disinfection.

These preventive disinfection tunnels have been installed at all entrances as well as at specific points inside the facilities, so that employees and all personnel must go through a second control and disinfection when crossing key areas of their plants.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, LCFG companies have invested in extra security measures and hygiene protocols to guarantee a safe environment for all our workers. It is through the exhaustive control of these measures that it has been possible to maintain the correct functioning of all the agents of the food chain and the food sector of our country, which has guaranteed the supply of food during one of the most difficult moments of the last decades on a global scale.

At a key moment like this in which the individual responsibility of citizens is so important, companies in essential sectors have a duty to share this responsibility, and provide all possible tools to guarantee maximum control and safety in the work environment .