The Comarca Food Group is committed to a commercial expansion plan and a sustainable and innovative production model

The past year turned out to be exceptional for everyone, but the company achieved a number of very important milestones and challenges for the future. Thus, the creation of a new meat holding company (LCFG) stands out, which has given way to the expansion and growth of the companies that are part of it: Grupo Alimentario de Lorca (La Comarca), La Comarca Meats, Ingelor and Labor Alimentaria. The value chain of the business group has managed to perfect and unite the control and traceability processes of the companies, at the same time that it has allowed the commercial expansion of the company in increasingly demanding and regulated markets.

Thanks to the group’s specialization, last year the first shipments of La Comarca Meats arrived in the Asian market, landing in countries such as China or Japan, reinforcing the positioning of the Spanish product and strengthening the strategy to boost the meat industrial sector.

Looking to the future, caring for tradition

The long journey of the companies that make up the holding company has also allowed the inauguration of facilities of more than 300,000 m2 in 2020 that have involved an investment of 50 million euros and the creation of jobs for 650 workers who currently make up LCFG, with the latest technology in the industrial sector to maintain the quality standard demanded by consumers.

The experience of the professionals that make up La Comarca, together with one of the most automated meat plants in Europe, sets in motion an expansion plan to more than 40 countries while maintaining the proximity production line for the company’s national clients . The protocols and the production model are in the process of continuous improvement thanks to the services and exhaustive advice of a technical engineering team specialized in the food industry (Ingelor).

Sustainability, development and innovation

It is also important to distinguish the activity of the group’s new laboratory that improves the company’s R&D&I processes (Labor Alimentaria). A sustainable production model requires a precise diagnosis of the quality of meat products. It is precisely for this reason that a new laboratory has been implemented at the group’s headquarters to manage the environmental area and research on animal welfare. It is more important than ever to understand the impact of companies on the environment, and act accordingly to achieve greater resource efficiency.

Equality, growth and opportunities

The Comarca Food Group firmly believes in the human capital and the team that makes its expansion possible. Therefore, the publication of the new equality plan for all companies meant unifying a more inclusive labor policy that allows male and female employees with the same growth possibilities within the group to develop professionally. Last year was thus a turning point in developing the mission, talent and values ​​of the entire workforce.

With this series of commitments, LCFG looks to the future with determination for 2021, expanding foreign sales, consolidating healthy eating and creating shared value, through competitiveness, innovation and sustainable production.